Warda Erina Hijab Tutorial Using Naelofar Isabelle

warda erina hijab tutorial
I found out that the Warda Collection by Naelofar Hijab is only available in October or until Suri Hati Mr. Pilot finished airing on TV. Since the shawl that I wanted (Lady Warda) is sold out, I improvised and used my Isabelle hijab by Naelofar.

You can use whatever shawl you have but preferably something similar to Lady Warda. Based on what I see, I think Keknis shawl is pretty similar.

If you’re not familar with Isabelle, the shawl comes with an inner scarf attached to it so it’s very convenient to use. This tutorial is super easy to do. You only need a few safety pins and a brooch. Just bear in mind that you won’t be looking like Neelofa. Truth hurts, reality bites. Sobs.

As per usual in most of hijab tutorials, have one side shorter than the other. The shorter, the better but not too short.

Now, you have the extra length of the short side that you can shove to the back because the scarf is attached to the inner scarf so it won’t come out on the back.

For the long side, you take the bottom length of the hijab (the part I’m holding in the picture) and bring it to your other shoulder. You can adjust the hijab length according to the appropriate shariah-compliant. You can pin it to your shirt if you don’t want it to move.

This is the final front and back look.

I love this style because of Neelofa and I’m going to be rocking this hijab until forever because it is very easy to style! Please also excuse the redness around my lips. I just demoed a bunch of lipsticks and my lips hurt.

So how do you style your hijab? Do you have any favourite hijab brands?

  • hahaha erin memang tak boleh aaa terbelit belit ni. memang lambat la siap.

    thanks siqah! tu mac – mehr 🙂

  • Cantiknyaaaaaa kak erinnnn 😀 Indah suka shawl dri Inayah wardrobe dan Shawl Milala 😀

  • thank you indah!! <3

  • Simple nya! Sesuai sangat kalau buat style macam ni kalau dah lambat. Hehe

  • betul tu! sap sap sap terus siap hahahaaa

  • Cantik !!! oh , Isabelle shawl nie ada nadia rasa nak beli masa ia release . tapi tak tahu kenapa tak tergerak nak beli . haha. I love your words " Truth hurts, reality bites" . Obviously lah kan , tak mcm neelofa bila kita pakai .

    Fav shawl , dulu mmg minat material chiffon shawl . Sebab it's flowy . Memang lilit2 . Now , I rather choose cotton shawl from Turkey . As for brand , mcm tak ada specific brand . Pakai apa yang rasa comfortable . hihihi.


  • material chiffon best kan. lepastu tak panas 🙂

  • I used to make this style sometimes on other plain long shawl and I love it. Btw you look great Erin ! 🙂

  • thank you Myra! 🙂

  • Agree much … =)

  • Mrs. A hentam aje semua jenis shawl ngeh!ngeh!ngeh!
    Pernah jugak beli instant shawl Neelofa & Emma Maembong tapi nampak gayanya instant is a big no for me.
    Most of my shawls beli dari officemate.

  • erin pun tak sesuai pakai instant shawl tapi disebabkan neelofa punya, kurelakan je haha

  • i never tried naelofar brand before but i love use shawl with chiffon material which i always bought at https://www.instagram.com/bynabilahyazid.my/ . btw my fav shawl collection ofcourse from duck haha

  • aaah duck is too expensive for me. i'm fine with naelofar hijab 🙂