Erin Tries It: Olive Oil to Combat Dry Skin Review

olive oil for dry skin
I have had oily skin my whole life. I did not know what I did with my skincare regime that made me go from producing enough oil per day to fry an egg to having sandpaper skin in a matter of a month!

I have always complained about my oily skin wishing to God that He would give me dry skin because I couldn’t cope with the oiliness anymore but oh boy, that was one wish I wishΒ I had known better.

Frankly speaking, it is easier to deal with oily skin than dry. You can always blot or wash your face when it gets too oily and everything will be fine. With dry skin, oh my god,Β what do I do? Too much of moisturizing can disrupt your skin’s healthy sebum production and obviously I do not want that for my skin.

Besides, my skin is so sensitive that I do not dare to simply go to Sephora and purchase the priciest moisturizer available because if it did not work for me, well that is 200 ringgit I can never get back.

So I went back to basic and found my way to the kitchen to find the ol’ and trusty olive oil. I used it after shower every night while my skin is slightly damp I lather the oil all over my face and neck.

You can use cotton pad but I suggest using the one with nylon net because you do not want bits of cotton all over your face. I much prefer using my fingertips but you have to make sure that they are squeaky clean.

I leave it on overnight but I make sure that I sleep lying down as to not get oil all over my pillow case.

I love the feeling of my skin the next morning. My skin is sensitive to beauty oil that whenever I put oil on my face I would get tons of whiteheads the next morning but luckily it did not happen with olive oil!

Although it did not heal my flaky skin after one use, the less drier areas of my face are well moisturized and the flaky areas are coming off. I really do love using olive oil as moisturiser every night and I will still keep using it because it works for me.

Do you have dry skin? What do you use to combat the problem?

  • Cool tips! My skin is very easy to turn from oily to dry also. Usually I just put some moisturiser, never knew about the sebum thingy haha. Might change it to olive oil later πŸ™‚

  • dulu ppernah try. lepas tu malas. hahaha

  • Olive oil is good to remove makeup too. I think I can use this tip whenever I ran out of moisturiser. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • hahaha sebab leceh kan. tapi best pakai olive oil kt muka ni

  • the sebum thingy happens if you over moisturised πŸ™‚

  • sure, syaza πŸ™‚

  • I have dry skin when I was a teenager. As my hormones keep changing, then I got an oily skin. Oily combination skin I guess.

    Maybe you can try using Secretleaf Argan Oil, or Honey Bee Venom. It acts as a moisturizer, and suitable for sensitive skin too. Hope this will help you πŸ™‚

  • thank you for the suggestion fatin πŸ™‚

  • rajinnya erin. kak mia tak berapa nak rajin sangat huhuhuhu…. nak ngadap muka trus tidur..

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  • I've never thought of using olive oil before, I think it would be too greasy on my skin! I like a more lightweight oil πŸ™‚

  • me too but surprisingly it's not greasy at all πŸ™‚

  • thank you kak mia πŸ™‚

  • Nadia pulak tak sure am I oily or dry skin . Sbb nadia mmg just use facial foam and moisturizer for day . At night just wash my face using facial foam than boom . Sbb saya adalah seorang yang pemalas . Hahaha….Tapi , I would agree that olive oils is good . For food , health and beauty too . Nice sharing =D

  • maybe nadia normal skin kot sebab tu nadia tak sure oily or dry. kalau muka nadia oily, you will notice. kalau dry pun you will notice jugak. best la kulit normal tak banyak songeh

  • Aah kot . Alhamdulillah . And nice tips dear~ =)

  • nice tips dear!
    boleh cuba ni.. kulit aina jenis kering. klu dlm air cond mmg rasa perit. skrg ni tgh try honey bee venom. =)

  • sama la aina. tak best betul kulit kering ni. kalau tak pakai pape kt muka, mesti tegang