My First Time Going to University Experience (Foundation)

university experience
I never really talked about my university experience because when I started this blog I was already on my final exam of semester 4 and that was back in February. And then I deferred a semester, and a semester turned into two, and now, three.

I’ve been home for almost 8 months now and I’m missing university life a lot. So I figured I would talk a bit about my university experience when I did my foundation.

I was a 2012 SPM leaver with 6As, 2B+, and 1B. My 2B+s were Physics and Chemistry and the thing is I was so sure that I would score at least A- on Chemistry so I can apply for MARA scholarship to do medic in the UK (I would be so close to my boyfriend omg).

But God knows best. My B was Additional Mathematics and y’all know how annoying +Maths is. I hated that subject like no other.

So I applied for UPU with my result and I didn’t get into any public universities because I didn’t update my parents’ IC numbers. Apparently something went wrong with their system and we were needed to update our application and I didn’t do it until the due date. So that’s the reason why my application failed.

I had two private universities in mind which were the University of Nottingham (UON) in Semenyih and Management & Science University (MSU) in Shah Alam. My first choice was UON. I applied for it and I even had to write an essay application.

I was accepted for Foundation in Science but my mom said Semenyih is very near to our house and Semenyih is also my mom’s hometown and she wanted me to study somewhere a bit far. So I was left with the option to enrol in MSU.

My mom asked me to ask my dad first because scholarships are not offered for foundation studies. I asked my dad if I can go there and my dad said yes! I was so happy because I’ve already planned to go to MSU since I was 16 but I was distracted by UON and its partner university in the UK. I guess my luck is not in the UK, eh?

I applied for Foundation in Biological/Health Science in MSU. I called the counsellor I was assigned to and we talked on the phone about my studies. I was pumped to start a life as a university student.

I felt like at 18 years old, I was finally going to be an adult! Going to a university in the city of Shah Alam with no one to monitor you, who doesn’t like that? I know I do!

I registered for foundation on Monday, May 20th 2013. We had to come in a week early for orientation before we started our class. The registration went so smoothly.

And then we met the house agent for my accommodation. MSU doesn’t have its own student housing so we had to find the nearest apartment. The apartments near MSU are mostly rented by students.

I asked for a 2-person bedroom because I wasn’t going to share a room with 3 other students. Just, no. I got the key to the apartment so my parents and I brought my stuff from the car to the apartment.

Lo and behold, it was one of the most depressing days of my life!

We went to get lunch after I finished arranging some of my stuff where my mom and I were crying while eating because we have never been apart from each other. The food tasted like dirt and I didn’t want to be alone in Shah Alam!!!! I wanna go home!!!! University sucks!!!! I want my mom!!!!!

Later that night, I IMed my sister on Facebook and I asked her what everyone was doing. She told me at dinner mom said she doesn’t have any appetite to eat thinking of me. I cried like I lost a limb. I didn’t eat that night. I stayed in my detestable bed with my laptop, thinking of home. I hated it there.

I have never gone to boarding school.Β I have never shared a room with a stranger.Β I have never been away from my mom for more than 2 days. I have never washed, hang, or fold my clothes (I didn’t even know how to use a washing machine!).

I have never have to find my own food when it’s meal time. Basically, I have never done any household work except ironing and cleaning my own room.

So the thought of having to do everything by myself was terrifying.

When do I wash my clothes?
Do I have to wait until I don’t have any underwear left?
Wait, detergent and softener are different?
Oh, so that fast thing the machine do is spinning?
So automatic and manual machines are different? I thought we only have one type?
I miss mom’s cooking. I miss mom doing my laundry. I miss mom.
What???? Maggi costs almost 6 ringgit??? That’s expensive for a student like me!
Twelve ringgit for an air freshener oh man Tesco you shit I can get KFC snack plate with that money??
Now I have to pay bills just to use the fan, charge my laptop, and shower?

I was so sad the whole week that all I could do was cry because I got so homesick at night. I made some new friends in my course so I didn’t feel that lonely. My orientation ended on Thursday so I quickly called my dad to pick me up because I couldn’t stand another minute there. I missed home too much πŸ™

To be honest, my foundation year was a fun one. I felt homesick only on the first month and weekends because I didn’t have classes to go that can make me forget that I was away from home.

I usually went to the mall after class every week so I always had something to do with my friend. We watched movies, went food hunting, had sleepovers, went for a trip, and so much more.

I finished my foundation on June 2014 and I went home the same day I finished my last paper. It was hard saying goodbye to 3 of my housemates that I had grown to love for months. They were so nice to me and they toned me down when they noticed I was getting wilder (trust me, I can be).

That is all for my first time university experience! Did you go through the same thing I did with the homesickness?

  • I experienced the 'homesickness' when I was in form 1 as I went to a boarding school. Melaka and Cyberjaya is soooo far and I cried every night for about 1 week haha.

  • i cried every night for a week too! cant help it T.T

  • i feel you! T.T

  • Gedix and funnie larr u…. sama lah kita pong bukan budak asrama gak…. 'asrama' kita kat kolej/univ, barula 'real freedom' sangat kannn….

  • haah free tu memang free but homesick la tak boleh tahan haha

  • Me too. Fatin pun homesick bila pertama kali masuk universiti. Sebab time tu lah duduk berjauhan dari keluarga. Rasa takut semua tu ada, sebab tak ada siapa tolong tengokkan kita. As time flies, everything jadi ok. Mula-mula tu jelah banyak menangis sebab tak tahan nak balik rumah, rindu family sangat-sangat πŸ˜€

  • kan? lepastu lama lama ok dah but kalau lama sgt tak balik baru homesick. nasib baik rumah dgn uni dekat πŸ™‚

  • my experience going to university was sort of dramatic haha but not quite. Maybe because I have been to boarding school before so it doesn't really effect me. At that time mama dan abah tak ikut sekali hantar saya ke Terengganu sebab jauh and tiket flight mahal sobs nampak mama nangis masa kat airport tapi time tu ada abang, tak la sedih sangat. Abang temankan saya tapi sampai hari pertama orientasi je. Pastu dia balik. Time tu baru rasa, Ya Allah, siapa nak jaga aku kat sini? I don't have anyone here, I'm alone. Baru rasa betapa HOMESICKNYA dengan penat orientasi and I don't even know how to manage myself in a foreign place. AND YEAH I HATE TO ADMIT BUT I'M ALWAYS HUNGRY AT 2AM TOO AND I DON'T KNOW WHY AND WHERE TO FIND FOOD AT THE TIME?!
    But as the time goes on, I manage to find friends and yeah, I love it here! I'm still in my 2nd year in uni though hehe

    btw akak nampak comel dalam gambar tu hehe πŸ˜€

  • hahahaha bila dah kena tinggal sorang sorang kt uni baru rasa sedih and homesick nak balikkkkk. tapi kejap je kan, dah lama lama tu mesti ok. homesick sikit sikit tu biasa je.

    and thank you girl! πŸ™‚

  • Lovely photos, the thought of being independent all of a sudden terrifies me too! I'm glad you grew close to your roommates!

    Anika |

  • it was hard at first but it will get better, i promise x

  • Siqah menangis weii masa dapat pergi universiti. Sebab kat Kelantan. Hahaha! Sebab tak pernah pergi sana dan rasa tak boleh bla duduk sana. Tapi bila dah duduk Kelantan, okay je nanye. Makanan sedap! Siqah tak kisah pun kalau pergi belajar jauh sebab konon nak jadi tabah kot berjauhan dengan family. Muahahaha.

  • hahaha kalau erin dapat kt kelantan rasanya ayah tak bagi kot. sebab adik lelaki dapat kt penang pun ayah tak bg hahahahaha dasar anak manja. mula mula je nangis, pastu lama sikit ok dah πŸ™‚

  • Teringat masa tahun pertama Diploma dulu terus menangis bila kena paksa stay hostel. Tambah pulak hostel dan rumah dekat-dekat, setiap weekend balik. Hehe. Tak lama lepas tu terus ulang alik pergi kolej dari rumah. Lepas ni kalau sambung belajar lepas tu dapat tempat jauh tak tahulah macam mana πŸ˜€

  • kalau dalam satu negeri ok lagi tau, tapi kalau dah negeri lain, haaaa too far hahaha

  • Yeay!! Shah Alam . hihihi… memang mahal pun semua makanan di Shah Alam nie =( .

    Me masa first time rasa risau jugak , housemate nnt mcm mana . kena masak lah . kena belajar buat tue , kena belajar tolerate etc . Tapi nadia rasa nadia tak ada homesick sgt , sebab study dkt gombak je. ihihi…

    padahal , nadia apply UTM johor skudai . Tapi bukan rezeki , hihihi . Nadia rasa nadia jenis lagi suka jauh kot , sebab baru belajar bnyk benda and experience something new . Bila stay jauh dari family , baru kita rasa bila balik nnt sangat lah nak appreciate family . =)

  • erin pulak jenis tak pernah jauh dgn family and kalau boleh taknak pun. huuuu sedih

  • my first time uni experience also sucks like yours but later on i learn to adapt. now i miss my University life bcs working life is much more stressful

  • i hate adulting πŸ™

  • maybe sebab tue lah kot …. Erin mcm adik nadia , dia mmg homesick mcm Erin then dia kena lak belajar ke negeri sembilan . masa tue dia nangis lak gak kejap . lama2 ok ….

    btw , Erin still dkt MSU shah alam ke ?

  • erin cuti lagi. next year baru sambung belajar πŸ™‚

  • oh ok . Mana lah tahu , if free kita leh set to meet up area Shah Alam . <3 hihihi

  • in shaa Allah nanti erin dah balik shah alam boleh la meet up pergi lunch date ke hihi

  • Hahaha, mai pula, sebab asrama sekolah rasa mcm hell, bila masuk u rasa mcm burung yang bebas,kehkehkeh. tak homesick sgt, tapi pantang je cuti mesti balik punya….

  • haha erin tak pernah masuk asrama, so bila masuk U rasa macam hell jugak walaupun bebas je sebenarnya hehe

  • thank you! πŸ™‚

  • hahah, igt lagi my foundation years,
    menangis nak balik sbb homesick..

    even boarding school tapi first time jauh sgt ni…

  • hahaha kelakar je bila ingat balik