Erin Talks: blogging rut

I’m in a blogging rut and it’s getting ugly. I have so many blog ideas that I planned for my blog this month but I’m just not feeling it right now. I try not to make blogging a job that needs me to meet deadlines on every single post but rather a hobby that I can choose when to post according to my schedule. Not that I’m busy with other things. I’m probably the most unbusy person in the world right now.
I have 3 beauty posts in planning that need me to put makeup on but good god I am so lazy to get ready and setup my camera equipments. I hope I’m able to do so this week and probably publish them some time next week. Who says being a blogger is easy? You are your own content creator, editor, photographer, publisher, PR liaison, and so much more.
I’m having a bit of identity crisis with my blog. I’m stuck in between publishing perfectly curated posts and writing whatever my heart and interest desire. How does one choose a niche for one’s blog? I know that I am a lifestyle blogger but sometimes I get too overwhelmed by the vast amount of contents I want to create. I’m trying to alternate my contents between the 3 main categories which are beauty, blogging, and lifestyle so I won’t publish the same category of post twice in a row. All in all, I need to take a few days off blogging so I can come back not feeling like blogging is a chore that I hate to do.

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I don’t know if you noticed but I didn’t post my September favourites. I’m thinking of abandoning that series altogether because my favourites for previous months were mostly tv shows and favourites posts are usually intended for beauty products which I don’t wear at all on normal days so I don’t have new favourites in a short span of time. If I do have new beauty favourites I’m probably going to name the post something like “Beauty products I’m loving” etc.
Whilst everyone is busy with school, I’m at home rotting into an absolute of nothingness with my tv shows. By the way! My dad has finally given me green light to get a driver’s license after four years since I turned seventeen. Four goddamn years of waiting. He told my mom that I can drive to campus everyday but there’s a catch — I can’t drive alone. I need to have a friend that can carpool with me but no one in my residential area is studying in my university. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that, though. I’m still not sure if I want to drive to and fro Shah Alam. It’s a 40 minute drive twice a day! Thank goodness I won’t have to think about it this year because I’m going back to school next year.

So what are you guys up to these days? Are you in a blogging rut like I am?

  • Patut lama je tak nampak erin.. Siqah pernah jugak rasa camtu. agaknya ikut musim kot kalau bab update blog. hee.

    Siqah masih buat benda yang sama je.. tengok Korean drama dan baca novel. Haa sekarang dah tengok malay drama pulak, Suri Hati Mr Pilot. Hihi.

  • betul tu siqah, ada minggu yang rajin nak update, and ada minggu yang cam malasssss je nak update. ramai gak tgk suri hati mr pilot tu eh

  • i really don't like it :/

  • is blogging rut the same as, you feel you wanna post something but you don't feel wanna to?

  • yes something like that

  • I feel you! I have a lot of topics but I'm too lazy…… hehe. prob is when I finally have the mood its nearing exam season lol.

  • Same 🙁 Busy do my stuff only.. ( Until lazy to update new post blog ) mmm but anyway congratz to ur license car.. 🙂

  • thank youuuu

  • i feel you. i have a lot of post ideas but i'm just lazy haha

  • me..ikut mood juga.Takut klo tetiba keluar post yang mengarut. peace.

  • haha betul tu!

  • patut lah everyday visit your blog tak ada entry baru . hihihi … Tapi , Nadia pun kdg ada rasa mcm Erin tue .

    Recently , I do feel blogging rut as you too. Especially , regarding my korea trip 2016 spring entry. Everyday , keep saying" ok kena smbg update today ". Then , tak buat sebab balik kerja dah penat , priority husband and etc . So , jadi delay then sampai terlupa . hahaha. tapi tgk korean drama tak leh lepas . hahaha …

    Nadia agree with do blogging as a hobby rather than schedule . hihihi… Tapi ,sebabkan as a hobby nadia rasa tue sebab bnyk entry nadia yang delay to post . hahaha..

    What I'm up to these day ? >>>> I can't miss to watch korean drama everyday . I'm addicted to it . Anddddd….baru nie , nadia kena juga habiskan baca buku " In order to Live – A north Korean girl's Journey to freedom by Yeonmi Park " … hihi


  • nak update tapi malas gila tau nadia T.T

    nadia tangguh tangguh kang dah spring 2017 masih tak update lagi hahaha. nadia tgk drama korea apa sekarang? erin cam susah nak cari drama yang erin suka. kang ada je yang tak best huhu

  • oh noooo~ erin jgn sebut pasal spring 2017 . I can make a crazy last min plan again for Korea lagi 2017 like I do for 2016 ….hahaha … I love korea maybe sebab suka makanan dorang kot . hiks =)

    Recently , Nadia tgh tgk korean drama – Scarlet heart ryeo : The moon lovers and K2 . Tapi , I'm more obsessed towards scarlet heart .

    Tak tahu lah if erin tgk erin suka ke tak . sebab lain org lain kan citarasa genre drama . Sebab nadia ckp best tapi kawan-kawan ada yang cakap so-so je . =)

  • nanti erin search la drama drama tu kot kot minat ke nak tengok hehe thank you nadiah

  • Well then, try lah schedule your post accordingly.
    Tulis apa yang rasa nak tulis, then set date & time to publish it.
    What important is, consistently update so reader might not forget about our existence.
    Hehe.. ^_^

  • betul tu! jangan tinggalkan blog lama lama sangat nanti orang lupa 🙂

  • agree dengan Gee .

    this part I guess I need to improve … hihihi ..thanks girls for reminder =D … *muax*

  • most welcome , dear <3

  • I am also in the same situation as you. I have 2 months worth of post ideas but I don't feel like I want to write any of them! And to top all of that my school work is getting a bit too demanding and it's not leaving me with a lot of free time!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  • you should focus on your school work first, Sarah. maybe you can spend some time on the weekend to blog? 🙂

  • 40 minutes ke shah alam, fuhh kena keluar awal betul tu, takut jammed kan kawasan tu..

    blogging rut? Rasa kalau terlalu penat or busy…tapi selalu kena writer's block je.hahaha

  • writer's block jarang kena sebab banyak je blog post ideas. yang selalu kena is malas nak type T.T