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erin talks

I love doing Erin Talks posts because I can say anything that crosses my mind. If you knew me in real life, I’m that type of friend who couldn’t stop talking, you know? I’m very expressive and I talk a lot which probably why having a blog is the best decision I’ve ever done in my life.

I’m currently following two Malay dramas that are famous right now. I thought Lara Aishah was only going to be a 20-30 episode drama but little did I know that there are 100 episodes. That is 20 weeks for a drama! Not that I’m complaining or anything, it is a heavy drama adapted from a telenovela so 100 episodes is honestly nothing for a Latin America soap opera.

The soundtrack is so good though. Faizal Tahir is one of my favourite Malaysian performers (besides Awie). I have it on repeat (maybe you should too)

The second drama I’m following is Suri Hati Mr. Pilot. I gotta admit — I wasn’t into the hype before because of Fattah Amin. His acting in Playboy Itu Suami Aku left a really bad taste in my mouth that I never watched any of his drama again but my sister was a ‘cult’ follower of that drama and she always persuaded me to watch so today, I did.

And his acting is soooooooooooo much better than before! Kudos to him for working on his acting skills.

And can we just talk about Neelofa’s outfits?

Damn gals.

I love her outfits. I love her hijabs. I love everything she wears. Hell, I even want to go on a diet so I can have her body. We share the same height (she’s taller by half an inch) and I’m pretty sure if I get rid of a few kilograms (more like a lot of kilograms!) I will be able to slay everyone with my outfit. Gaaaaaaaaaah.

I want the hijab she created for this drama which are the Lady Warda, Queen Warda, and Classy Warda but everything is sold out already! I really like the way she wears her hijab so I tried styling my Naelofar Isabelle like how she does in the drama and I got it! I got it I got it I got it! I will do a tutorial on how I wear it soon.

Anyway, the point of my doing an Erin Talks post is I want to list down my draft posts that I still couldn’t publish because:

  1. No photos yet because I’m lazy to set up my camera
  2. I’m lazy to wear makeup for my review posts
  3. I’m just a lazy person in general

The day I stop being lazy is the day I flood your dashboard with my posts which is hopefully soon, though.

These are the posts that I am currently working on but without the photos, they’re worthless. I plan on working on the photos tomorrow which means that I have to wear proper clothes, proper hijab, and set up my tripod. I really hope that the weather is perfect tomorrow. I need as much sunlight as possible for the photos to turn out good.

Anyway, if you want to request a post or if you read something on my blog that you want a review of, please tell me in the comment down below. I’m adding it to my draft and if it needs my own photos (such as reviews or swatches), I will take the appropriate photos tomorrow. Talk later!

  • ingat siqah! baju dia pakai masa kat kampung tu RM289! Nak nangis rasa! tu yang erin beriya try tudung tadi sebab nak buat tudung mcm dia hahahahaha. insecure betul tengok dia lawa sangat dalam drama tu.

  • im waiting for your next post 😀

  • thank you anis! 🙂

  • Lagu dirgahayu tu dengar sambil berangan nazim othman boleh? hahaha.

  • memang tgh feeling feeling nazim othman ni ahahahaha cutenya dia T.T

  • These sound so lovely! Can't wait to read them, loving your blog xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • Thank you Kiran xx

  • More makeup review please.. Boleh buat rujukan untuk saya beli makeup nanti. Hehe :3

  • in shaa Allah fatin 🙂

  • You have so many upcoming posts and I'm here not even have one in my draft. Sigh. Gotta work hard from now 🙂

  • maybe you can start searching for ideas on pinterest or bloglovin. or you can always do makeup reviews 🙂

  • I read a quote that said, "org cantik pakai tudung saji pun cantik" Lololol.

    I was wondering, do you write a post first then work on the photos? Or the other way around?

    When writing some posts on travel, honestly I can't remember many details of my journey. So, I figured out I need to work on the pictures first then I can write the post over and over 😀

  • Hahhaaa.. dah dua tiga blog Mrs. A singgah semua cerita pasal Neelofa.
    Mrs. A pun suka shawl yang dia pakai lipat-lepat camtu pun dah cantik sebab dia Neelofa kot

  • tu lah. simple je dia pakai, still lawa

  • i work on the photos first, then i write the post. i need some visuals to imagine what i'm going to write haha

  • Me too . =)

  • Gosh I can't wait to read your next post ~~ hope you will post your MAC Lipsticks Swatches + Demo and your Go-To Makeup Look soon

  • thank youuuu, i'm working on it xx

  • reality memang bite habis haaa kena sedar diri la hahaha sedih tol T.T

  • kannn…suka everything about her , dah lah cantik , baju cantik , makeup cantik , shawl cantik . Her choices of colors semua pastel . LOve it !!! Cantik semuanya !!!

    Baju dia tue dari Shals.KL kan ? =)

  • haah from Shals.KL. rasa nak beli jeeee! T.T

  • beli je dear , hihihi… =)