Your Blog Through The Eyes of A Stranger

flowers and plants
Yesterday I found out about a site called where a stranger visits your blog for the first time and make a video review of it. It is completely free and easy to use — all you have to do is fill in your blog link and email, and in less than 24 hours they will email you the video. I did it twice (and I got both videos in less than 3-6 hours) because I wasn’t satisfied with the first review I got. The first reviewer didn’t even get my blog pictures to load, what the heck. Not even one. You can watch my second video review here.

Anyway, I hope you like my new blog look. There’s so much that I still need to edit but so far I’m liking it. I want my blog to not look like Blogger blog and I think this template fits that. I know y’all are bored of me always changing templates but I’m insatiable when it comes to blog design. I’m in the process of editing all 105 posts in this blog because my page loading time sucks so bad. I have to compress all of the images because they’re huge as heck and it may take me a few days to do that.

Etsy and I are best friends for life. If you need help in buying templates, just reach out to me I can definitely help you.