Simple Skincare Review

Hi everyone. So I’ve been wanting to try a new skincare line for quite some time now but I had never gotten around to buying them because I have a really sensitive skin and I’m scared that I might get breakouts from trying new products. I was a Dnars skincare user before this and I had been using them for two years. You see, one of the reasons why I was scared to try new products was because you know how it is with local products, you might get rebound effect if you stop using them so I was scared of that. But I bought the Azanis Scar Serum and one of the benefits of that serum is it can help you if you have used a wrong product on your face. I did not get breakouts since I stopped using Dnars, alhamdulillah, but my skin turns really dry with a lot of patchy areas. I have been on the hunt for products for sensitive skin and this Simple Skincare fits the bill.

I have had oily skin for as long as I can remember. When my skin turns dry, I got really anxious because my acne soap is not cutting it anymore. If you have dry skin, it’s best to avoid soaps or any kind of facial washes that produce a lot of foam as they can completely strip the oil off of your skin. With this facial wash, you only need a tiny amount of product and it doesn’t have a lot of foam which I kind of didn’t like at first but thinking of my super dry skin, I have to give in and get used to it.

If you’re looking for an intense facial scrub, then this isn’t the one for you. Go with the St. Ives Apricot Scrub instead. This scrub is fitting for sensitive skin as it is not harsh at all and my face does not turn red after using it which I really appreciate, provided you don’t scrub your face too hard.

Based on the reviews I read of this product, the majority of them have been raving about it saying it is the best moisturiser that they have ever used. That is true. I am not saying it is a bad moisturiser. However, it didn’t work like I expected it to on my dry skin. But it is a light moisturiser so I can’t really blame the product. Nonetheless, this product is perfect for moisturising the face before primer as it absorbs into the skin like a dream. I needed an intense moisturiser so I have been reapplying it 4-6 times a day (which I just found out is NOT good!) and it drives me a bit nuts when there isn’t any changes I see on my dry areas.
I have a few products from this line that I still want to try such as their toner, micellar water, cleansing lotion, face mask, and night cream. I might have to get some of them online though because they’re sold out everywhere. Anyway, what skincare products are you using right now? Do you know any homemade remedies that might work for my dry skin?
  • Last year pernah guna dnars konon nk bg hilang pimples,mula-mula mmg okay then stop guna sebab tak suka sangat dia punya krim sbb asyik keluar peluh je lps stop guna pimples keluar balik gosh.

  • haha normal la tu for local products

  • Hi Erin..! sama la kita pun jenis dry skin. Dulu pakai Body Shop Nutriganics Drop of youth kulit jd moist N sesuai utk repairing jugak sbb ada stem cell. Lepas tu i stop n cuba Honeybee Venom yg femes skrg ni produk korea. Serius best.! Harga pun murah berbanding body shop. hehe =)

  • that a lot for 4-6 times daily reapplying..

  • ikr…

  • ok nanti nak survey la honeybee venom tu 🙂

  • Sometimes my skin becomes really dry too, especially if I don't apply moisturiser after using toner :/

  • the majority of toners in the market have alcohol in it so your face will get dry that is why it's important to moisturise 🙂

  • Thanks for the review Erin! I just bought the face cleanser because I thought maybe I should change my face wash since my skin started to feel really really dry.

  • i really hate dry skin! 🙁

  • ooo semoga berjaya jumpa produk yg sesuai la yer.. minum air masak suam kena banyak utk kekalkan air dalam badan dgn elok..

  • thanks!

  • Erin kalau nak survey harga honeybee venom tu, Fatin Ada jual. Hehe. Ada yang ckap ia bagus untuk kulit kering 🙂

  • ok fatin kalau erin nak beli, erin cari fatin 🙂