Online Shopping with and Getting Your CASH Back!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about, the most popular cashback site in Malaysia. Now, before you click that tiny X button out of my blog, let me explain to you what is. Do you do online shopping a lot? Have you ever wondered if you can get a percentage of what you just spent back to your account? Then is the place, my friend!

Let me show you how you can shopback:
Step 1. Make an account at Here, use my referral link so you can get RM5!
Step 2. Browse through hundreds upon hundreds of merchants available and get redirected to your desired online shopping site by clicking the Shop Now button. You can find the most popular Sephora coupons, earn Hermo cashback, and shop makeup brushes online on iHerb! Those of you who are a makeup freak like me will know these 3 websites I just mentioned. It’s like you’re feeding the needs to buy makeup while still getting your cash back! It really is an amazing deal!
Step 3. Once your payment is made on the merchant’s side, your cashback will automatically be added to your ShopBack account within a few days so don’t worry if it’s taking a few days to be credited, okay! Once the amount is redeemable, the money can be transferred to your bank account or Paypal.
See how easy it is? You’re not spending money on site itself. You’re just being redirected to the online shopping sites you want to spend money on via platform. Hey, you don’t have anything to lose if you signed up, am I right?
For more information, you can watch the video below:
That’s it for this post! Be sure to sign up using my referral link to get RM5 and happy shopping, everyone!
  • Have you tried buying online from ShopBack? I've heard about this before and I already sign up but I don't actually understand much about this. That is why I hold it for awhile and see other people using it first haha. Yela takut tipu ke hehe

  • you don't have to worry sebab tak keluar duit pun from shopback, contoh mcm you nak beli something from you masuk, search hermo, and go to hermo website from shopback. 🙂

  • Aaa I see. So what is the benefit?

  • ok mcm ni. kalau hermo, you dpt 5.6% cashback. for example, you spend rm100 kt hermo, + rm7 shipping so rm107 kan. 5.6% cashback tu just kira rm100 je, tak termasuk shipping. so you're getting rm5.60 back. dia akan masuk kt acc shopback you. bila dah sampai limit boleh transfer (i tak sure berapa), you can transfer the money kt bank acc you 🙂

  • Oo okay baru faham. Sorry banyak tanya. Hehe thanks Erin!