My Favourite Makeup Brushes

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to be showing you my top picks makeup brushes or the only brushes I could ever need for doing my makeup. All of these are drugstore brushes so they’re very affordable. Besides brushes, I also like using makeup sponge especially for my foundation and under eye concealing. BeautyBlender is still so expensive to me so I use its dupe. You can get one for RM5 everywhere. As long as the cheaper dupe blends my foundation, then I couldn’t justify spending RM90 for a sponge. Maybe one day, though.

I use Real Techniques buffing brush for buffing in my foundation and concealer. This is an all-around brush that you can use for everything. When I’m in the process of doing my makeup, sometimes I would have eyeshadow fallout or my mascara staining my under eye and when I clean it up my base makeup would move so I would touch up my base with this brush from the leftover foundation on the brush.
You would not believe where I got the large powder brush from. It’s the Tesco large powder brush that works so good for setting my makeup with loose powder and also for applying blusher. It gives you that soft, blushed cheeks look that I personally like. I kid you not, this brush is the only brush I would use for blusher. Since it’s quite large for the apple of my cheeks, I would dip the middle of my brush softly in my blusher and lightly sweep it across my cheeks. I love it. And it’s cheap, too.
This Real Techniques contour brush is perfect for contouring and highlighting! I’m not big on contouring but if I do, I’d do it with this brush but I mainly use it for highlighting. It picks up just the perfect amount of highlight. Since it is quite a pointy brush, I use the slanted side for highlighting the top of my cheekbones.
Where to get:
large powder brush – Tesco (if available)
Real Techniques brushes – (RM73 for the core collection, shipping is expensive) OR SHINS (RM150, malls)

I love having crease colour on my eyes. It gives them some definition especially with a medium brown shadow. I use Etude House blending brush for putting the colour on my crease or lid. It is relatively a small blending brush so you definitely need a larger one like this Too Cool For School blending brush. These two brushes are the perfect combination for that blended, easy eye look.
The last brush is Innisfree ECO Beauty Tool concealer brush. Very self-explanatory. I use it to conceal my blemishes and to clean up the edges of my brows. For concealing blemishes, I use a concealer jar and just pat on my blemishes then I blend it out with a sponge or buffing brush. Concealing your eyebrows will give them a nice, clean shape.
Where to get:
Etude House – malls
Too Cool For School – online or certain shops (my housemate bought the kit for me, I have no idea where she got it)
Innisfree – Sunway Pyramid (if available)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to leave a comment down below. What makeup brushes do you use?

  • i love the real technique brush as well! they're very soft and does not absorb much products.

  • i second that! people have been complaining that the bristles shed but that never happened to me 🙂

  • I mean goal!! Haha typo there

  • I want to own the real techniques brushes. Gahhh high end brushes are my gold!

  • i feel you! sigma and mac brushes are soooo expensive but i want them!

  • Anonymous

    Erin, you ada H&M punya brushes? H&M brushes memang best & bagus sangat2 hehe

  • tak pernah try lagi brush H&M. ok kalau best nanti i try! 🙂

  • ahhhh sadly I know nothing bout make up. sobs. but i enjoy tengok all the tutorials yang ada sekarang. mmg superb semuanya!

  • seronok sebenarnya tengok makeup ni 🙂

  • suka tengok orang yang pandai makeup…

  • erin bukan pandai sgt pun, takat basic bolehlah 🙂

  • Bila baca post ni, tetiba teringat set brushes Nutri Metics Mrs. A yang kawan pinjam terus buat macam harta dia. Dah mintak banyak kali pun tak reti-reti nak pulangkan. Lama sangat dah maybe dah hancur pun 🙁

  • eeeee geramnya kt dia Mrs. A! lain kali jangan bagi pinjam especially brushes tau. takut nanti kat muka orang tu ada problem ke lepastu nanti Mrs. A pakai kt muka, habis naik jerawat ke nanti.

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