Living Without Glasses

Hi everyone. In one of my Erin talks postsย a few months ago, I mentioned that I broke my prescription eyeglasses. You see, I have been wearing glasses since I was merely 9 years old. I was born with a perfectly pair of eyes and somehow at 9 years old I found a way to ruin them by reading in the dark and spending so much time with gadgets.

At home, my glasses are my best friend as I like to be comfortable at all time so wearing contact lens is not what I prefer. I haven’t gotten a new one made yet so I have been living with contact lens for two months. I can hear all of you specky gasping as you’re reading this. Yes, I’m living off of contact lens. I have forgotten what it felt like to wear glasses but I must say that contact lens is not that bad either. I mean, wearing contact lens instead of glasses instantly makes me look somewhat decent. I hate how I look like with glasses but I prefer the comfortability that I get when I do.


I cannot stress how important it is to keep your lens clean especially if you’re wearing them everyday. If you think you cannot keep up with the cleaning and storing of lens, you might as well don’t wear them. I personally think that if you have perfect vision already, you don’t need to wear contact lens for fun as it is quite risky for your eyes. You might get an infection so why risk it for the sake of having coloured eyes, no? You definitely can if you want to as long as you take proper care of them.

Do not sleep with your lens

This is very important to all contact lens wearer. Please do not sleep with your lenses on even for a quick nap because when you wake up, your lenses will get really dry and if you want to take them off, it feels like they are glued to your eyeballs because the lenses are very dry. I rarely ever take naps during the day but if I do, I will take them off first. It’s quite a hassle but to me eyes are very sensitive so I will make sure I take good care of them.

Do not shower with lens

I must admit, I do this all the time. I shower in the morning and I put them on afterwards. At night, I take a shower first and after that only do I take my lens off, rewet them and wear them back. As long as you keep your eyes shut when you’re showering, then it’s fine. But please, don’t ever go for a swim at the beach with your lenses. You will want to die when you got saltwater in your eyes.

Do not put tap water in your eyes

I’m sure we’re all guilty of this at some point. I was ignorant and I needed to wet my lens because they were starting to get dry so I put a few drops of water on my eyes. You cannot do that! Don’t ever put any types of liquid solution besides contact lens solution on your lenses. I know it has something to do with the Amoeba bacteria in the water but I’m not very clear. You will have to do your own research about that. The point is, buy the eyedrops for contact lens or you can just force yourself to cry to wet your lenses. I do that all the time.

So far, I like wearing lenses everyday. However, I will still get a new pair of glasses made because I usually sleep late at night as I use that time to blog and glasses will put a much lesser strain on my eyes than lenses. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any questions. Do you prefer glasses or lens?

  • Mrs. A pun sama bila outing prefer lens daripada glasses.

    Tengah kumpul budget nak buat lasik.

    Hurmmm… hope my dream come true.

  • Assalamualaikum. I'm not wearing glasses everywhere I go sebab I ada silau dan power tak banyak sangat but if I had to choose I prefer glasses sebab takut nak pakai lens :')

  • Reen suka membaca online books dalam gelap.. Mata pun dah kabur. Reen akan makan carrots.. Then in sya Allah kabur makin kurang.. It's quite long process to recover but worth it.

  • dulu erin tak suka makan carrot, sekarang dah ok la kot boleh lah nak telan tu. lama pun takpelah kan, asalkan rabun tu kurang

  • wassalam. kalau power tak byk sgt pun kena pakai glasses jugak indah. lg lg ada silau. sakit mata kalau tak pakai glasses

  • tu lah mrs. A, nak buat lasik jugak tapi mahal and takut T.T

  • Glasses suck but i prefer glasses because i'm afraid i cannot take good care of my lens.

  • kalau camtu, tak payah pakai lens ok. better safe than sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

  • pun tak suka spec tapi kalau silau kena jugak pakai spec kan. erin pun ada silau gak. pergh siqah terus 300?! erin mula mula pakai power dalam 75. pastu sekarang 475 dengan 400. sedih betul..

  • Kat rumah memang pakai glasses tapi bila kat luar tak sebab nanti tudung tak cantik. Haha. Teringin nak pakai lens. In future maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • erin pun kt rumah glasses, kt luar lens sebab tudung jugak hahaha. nanti tudung kembang. dahlah muka kita ni dah already kembang hahahaha sedih. make sure you do research before pakai lens tau, especially cara nak jaga dia. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Couldn't agree more by wearing glasses is way comfortable than wearing lenses. Me, myself prefer wearing glasses especially at home. Tapi kalau keluar memang prefer pakai lens sebab tak suka pakai glasses dengan tudung. My power is 700 dah haha I know it suck. I started wearing glasses when I was 10 ๐Ÿ™

  • 700 omg! dah boleh pergi buat lasik dah tu!

  • Banyak kan ๐Ÿ™ memang plan nak buat pun tapi maybe tunggu next year or next two years kot hehe

  • but lasik is very scary though..

  • I loves lens more than specs too…hihihi

    masa kerja sebab lama ngadap PC tue pakai specs less strain for my eyes .

    if lens bila keluar jenjalan dan ada event je di office . Dulu sukan sangat pakai lens masa kerja jugak tapi sebab ngadap PC lama , serious mata penat sgt .

    nice sharing dear =)

  • tahu takpeee sakit mata pakai lens. lens seronok pakai kt luar je, kalau kt rumah, glasses lg best kan!

  • agree sgt!!! dkt rumah lah selesa pakai specs sebab nak tido senang … hahaha, no need to take off the lenses . =)

  • kalau pakai lens nak tidur kena bukak lens dulu padahal dah mamai ngntuk ni hhahaha stress betul

  • Kannnn… I can feel u , dear . =)