5 Types of Blog Posts That Turn Me Off

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to talk about the types of blog posts that I don’t read. Now, I’m not saying what you should or shouldn’t post because it’s your blog and you have the complete authority to do whatever you want with your blog. However, there are some posts that I couldn’t be bothered to read and I’m sure some of you can relate to what I feel about them. Again, I am in no way throwing shades at other bloggers, this is just my opinion from what I observe in my many years of blogging.


I am sure all of you know what Nuffnang is by now. It’s a blog advertising company where we can make money from putting advertisements on our blog. Though I don’t particularly like putting ads on my blog, I do not mind if you do because let’s be real here — we all need money and if you can make money from blogging, I don’t see why not. I make money from sponsored posts too. What I do not like is bloggers showing off their nuffnang income. I get it, you’re earning RM573.50 and to me that’s a lot of money and good for you for making that much money off your blog but you don’t need to make a weekly post about it showing us your current earning. Go post something useful like “How to make money from blogging” instead.


I love giveaways! Hell, I love doing giveaways more than joining them but too much of giveaway entry posts annoy the hell out of me. I am sorry for saying this but it is the truth. When 20 out of 23 posts you put up in a month are mostly giveaways, then you need to reconsider why you started your blog. I know that the prizes are awesome and all but be balanced, you know. If you entered 20 giveaways in a month, make sure you’re putting up 20 good contents, too. Or just make another blog for giveaways. I hate looking through your blog archive trying to find your contents in a sea of “Topup Giveaway by *blogurlhere*”.


I don’t see this type of post as much as the above but it ticks me off too. What’s the point of you making a post about a current issue and linking another post from another blog in it? It’s either you go big or you go home — write it or leave it. I know that pageviews means a lot to bloggers but making a reader like me click on your post and then I have to be redirected to another blog to read the full story, then bye.


Wordless Wednesday has been one of the famous blogging prompts for years! I used to participate in Wordless Wednesday way back when I was still in high school and it was an easy it’s-Wednesday-I-need-to-quickly-update-my-blog kind of post. You upload a meaningful picture with a little or no caption at all as the saying goes “a picture worth a thousand words”. That’s how you do Wordless Wednesday. I see people nowadays doing WW with a heck of a long block of texts. Just name it something else already because that post is clearly not ‘wordless’.


I think we all at some point are guilty of doing this. Back when I was still in high school, I used to put up 30-40 posts per day. Yes, PER DAY. My pageviews skyrocketed and at 15 years old I felt like I had a great blog. Little did I know that quality is more important than quantity. I don’t mind personal posts, though. I like writing personal posts when I want you guys to catch up on my personal life and at the same time I want my personal posts to be beneficial to you, too, for example, in this post I talked about the tv shows and Spotify playlist I was loving and in this I talked about the colour of Naelofar Isabelle scarf that I really liked. I don’t remember where I read this but that don’t ever let your readers leave your blog without something new to learn so whenever I’m writing a post, I will make sure that anyone who reads it gets at least one new information. After all, blogging is all about sharing, right?
This was a looooooong post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and take everything I said with a grain of salt, okay? You do you. Your blog is yours. So, do you have any type of posts that you don’t like to read or feel annoyed about? Do let me know! x
  • Hi Erin..! I would really appreciate if u could give some feedback about my blog so that i can improve it. Tq dear

  • i sure can! 🙂

  • all that you stated here is absolutely true!! huhuhu

  • ikr!!

  • Tq dear.

  • Agree with all of it. Lols.

  • betul tu.. blogger yang asyik show off income nuffnang dia memang annoying yang amat huh.

  • kan? tahu lah nuffnang dia banyak, tak perlu tunjuk kot

  • i thought i was the only one yang perasan huhuuu

  • Anonymous

    Lol all haters are here. I disagree with you. You can actually ignore the blogs, lantak dia la nak show off or apa pun if you read this comment idc if you nak remove pun but please mind it lah, bukan semua org suka jugak with your personal stuff like nak review make ups bla bla if others can write sesuai apa dgn diorg nak tulis, why do you even make this a big deal? i respected you before. major turn off for you now.

  • Hi there anonymous! First of, thank you for taking the time to leave a rather hateful comment on my blog post. However, I take that as a constructive criticism and let me just explain to you one by one.

    – Nobody is a hater here. I am just pointing out some posts that annoy me and some of my readers are agreeing with me. Like I said in my post, you do you and take everything I said with a grain of salt. I didn't like their posts but I didn't leave hate comments as anonymous on their blog (like you're doing now lol).

    – If you disagree with me, that's fine. My mom disagrees with me about a lot of stuff too.

    – Of course I can ignore the blogs, but I followed them and their posts showed up on my dashboard. I'm talking about nuffnang income which I don't think you should tell others how much you make on it, let alone making posts about it every week showing their income. Bukan semua orang suka juga dengan my personal stuff review makeup, good god, I am a lifestyle blogger and under lifestyle there is also beauty category and I get a heck lot of views for my makeup posts so what are you trying to say here? And mind you that my personal posts are honestly an update on my life and I write them only once a month? If someone made a post about blog posts that they don't like and one of them is what I always post on my blog, then it's fine, we all have different views. I respect your views on not agreeing with me, so please respect my views too. Don't be an anonymous bitch online that all people hate.

    – Thank you for respecting me before, however, I don't need respect from an anonymous people online.

    – It's okay if I turn you off now. I'm not living life to turn you on, anyway.

    Thank you x

  • Anonymous

    LOL yeah I know I made your day. No thanks.

  • Of course you made my day! I've been getting hundreds of lovely comments on my blog and you're the first anonymous hate I received lol. BTW, this is your IP address, right? and you're from sandakan?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to say but it's not. Try harder! Why do you care about who's this online bitch anyway? LOL.

  • Sorry to say, anon, it is. It's your ip. I have tracker on my blog and it shows which ip address clicks which links and all. Nahh i kinda know who you are already bcs i match your ip to the messages left on my cbox. Deny all you want lol. I hope you have something better to do than checking my blog pagi pagi buta to see my replies. That's pathetic. Anyhow, thanks anon 🙂

  • I really agree about the first one! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!! https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/anna-alina-3947784

  • ikr! sure i'll follow you! x

  • ada betulnya apa yang awk sampaikan ni. tak salah untuk bagi pendapat kan. tq erin! 🙂

  • thank youuu. semua orang ada pendapat masing masing kan 🙂

  • Pendapat orang semua tak sepatutnya. Sepatutnya we respect each other la kan? 🙂 To those anonymous, kalau tak suka, tak perlu susah-susah taip comment panjang lebar pasal blogger ni. Boleh klik button "X" pada browser, then leave.

    Ada jugak yang perangai macam ni. Haish.. sabar jelah.. ^_^

  • thank you fatin 🙂

  • LOL. Dia ingat orang takde tracker ke? Haiya. This is modern lifelah. We can get what we want. Even your pet's name. Boo anon.

  • hahaha takpelah eyja asalkan dia happy 🙂

  • Bersungguh baca komen anonymous. Haha. Biarkan jela orang sebegitu erin..pendapat masing2 kan…

    Kalau no 1 tu siqah mula2 rasa down bila tengok nuffnang orang banyak je dapat. Siqah punya ciput je. Haha. Tapi bila fikir balik on why i blogging, terus tak kisah dah.. Siqah blog tuk kenangan diri sendiri. Tak perlu nak kejar nuffnang lah =D Rezeki masing2 🙂

    Wordless wed! — hahaha! Sampai google kot meaning wordless wed. Sebab pelik bila "wordless" tapi banyak pulak ayatnya. Hehe..

  • haaa betul tu. sebab tu erin tak berapa nak suka sgt yg tunjuk income nuffnang tu. sebab orang lain dapat ciput so of course akan rasa down kan. pastu income kita, buatpe nak tunjuk orang kan.

    hahahaha yes pasal wordless tu! patutnya takyah caption pun takpe kot.

  • Totally agree about blogging for a reason, you have to make your posts worthwhile! I find this actually when I click on a "review! post and all the blogger has written is a paragraph that's basically a rewrite of the press release!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  • i feel you on this. i really don't like half-ass written contents 🙁

  • hi dear.. such an interesting post.
    saya setuju dengan point2 awak, and at the same time i learn something.
    sebab saya baru je berblog. and sebelum post something, saya akan pastikan yang post tu ada "value". tapi kadang2 time emosi tu terpost juga benda2 yg tah pape. hehe. btw blog awak nice. sudi2 la singgah blog saya yg masih mentah tu, and appreciate if you can comment or suggest untuk i improve my blog as good as yours. peace 🙂

  • thank you so much! i'll visit your blog okay 🙂

  • good post! i always wonder did my posts annoy you…heee =)

  • no lah zety 🙂

  • Hahahahahahahaha ok kelakar

  • hahahahaha biarkan dia

  • Kenapa baca rasa lawak? 😛 Tapi setuju dengan point yang nak disampaikan…

  • haha thank you sebab setuju 🙂

  • That's what makes blogging more interesting. We need those haters sometimes to cheer up our blogging life LOL.

    And back to your post, finally someone have speak up for me. I don't care if anyone want to post how much they earn, but it gets me annoyed when they're doing it repeatedly.

    Maybe their intention is not to show off (maybe?), but we as a reader want to get something from them. Plus, it's our responsibility as a blogger to give values to people!

    Btw, this my first time on your blog! So, salam kenal!!

    I ady joined your My 7 Blogging Sins kinda post, which I know from spitoutkata.blogspot.my .
    Do visit me sometimes on lakiterok.com 😀

    Have a nice day ahead.