How to Get Your Own Domain

Hello my lovelies. I started buying domain name for my blog way back in December 2013 which I then used but then I lost interest in blogging and I never renew it after it expired. July 2015, I felt it was time for me to get back into blogging so I bought because I felt like the name was easier to remember than my already expired domain. I have just renewed a few days ago and I want to talk about why you should have your own domain name and what domain registrar I used to get it.

Buying a domain name is cheap. It was cheap until GST came along with the downfall of our currency. What started as RM35/year has gone to RM45/year. For some, it’s 45 ringgit they’re not going to spend on domain name but for some who take blogging seriously and willing to pay that sum of money, it is a stepping step to their blogging journey.
It shows your seriousness towards blogging. My premade template and domain name are something I never regret spending my money on. To me, it shows how much I love blogging and how I take it seriously as a hobby of mine and you should be able to spend money on doing what you love. If you don’t want to, it’s okay, nobody’s going to judge you. I love my blog a lot and I wanted it to be like how I pictured it in my head. Clean, nice template, and a domain name.
A form of branding. Regardless of what name you have as your domain, it is a form of branding that only you can use it. For example, my domain, It is my name and somehow it’s turning into my branding. No other person with the same name as I am can use this domain. Plus, it’s easier to remember than
I got my domain name from for RM45/year. You can configure the domain name you have purchased to point to your blog on your own or you can pay a one-time fee of RM3 (UPDATE: it is no longer RM3, NOW RM10) to have them do it for you. So you’re paying RM55 (domain + installation) for the first time, and RM45 to renew it after a year.

  1. You need to create an account on
  2. Go here
  3. On Categories, choose Custom Domain Services from the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose CDS Blogger Plan (Without Email Package). You can totally choose the one with email package but that is going to cost you a lot more. What email package is it’s an email service where you can create unlimited emails with your domain name, for example: admin[at]
  5. Click Order Now
  6. Type in your desired domain name and click Click to Continue >>
  7. You can choose how many years you want to pre-pay your domain. I stick with 1 year for RM45. Click to Continue >>
  8. You have to put in your blogspot url, email, and password because you’re paying RM3 for them to configure it for you. (If you only want the domain without RM3 installation, on step 3, choose Domain Registration. Keep in mind you will have to configure everything yourself)
  9. Add to Cart
  10. Update Cart (You can choose to pay for ID protection which protects your personal information on public domain registrar)
  11. Checkout
  12. Tick I have read and agree to the Terms and Service
  13. Complete Order >>

For payment, you can either use Bank Transfer or Paypal. You can check their payment details here. What I like about is they are based in Malaysia and you can definitely use Malay to communicate with them and the service is super fast. After you have transferred the money to their account, you need to email the payment proof to support[at] and they will do the rest for you. That is it! Very simple.
To renew your domain is also very simple. So basically they will email you two weeks before your domain expires and a few more in the span of two weeks. What I did a few days ago was easy! I simply transferred my money to their account, email the payment proof to them, and within 30 minutes I got an email saying that they have renewed my domain for another year. Yeay!

That’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed and happy blogging!

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