My Beauty Shelf

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!
In previous post I have mentioned that we were cleaning the house before Ramadhan. I also took this time to move the DVD shelf in the family hall to my room so I can put my beauty stuff. Reason being that my dressing table that was screwed on the wall fell down because I put so much things on it and it couldn’t hold the weight anymore so I need to get it fixed first before I can start using it again.
But before doing that, this DVD shelf from IKEA would do for my beauty stuff. I think it looks nice, what do you think? You can rearrange the partition according to your needs and how tall you want the compartment to be. It’s 2m tall and I’m 5 ft 1 but I can still reach the top shelf, contrary to popular belief. (Yes I get a lot of teasing about my height. Not cute.)
This is how my shelf looks like. Excuse the white dust stain on the wall. I haven’t had the chance to wipe my wall yet. And also excuse the mess on the 3-shelf cabinet. It was actually for my Shah Alam campus condo but since I’m on a holiday from school, I took it home. I have most of my tudungs there and my gadgets.
On the top shelf, I have my contact lens solution and case, pimple medication, masks, hair oil, and face moisturizer. I have makeup removers on the second shelf along with my Victoria’s Secret’s body mists. On the third shelf, I have my makeup brushes, face cream, face oil, and vaseline.
I gathered my face products such as foundations, primers, and powders in one shelf. Then I have my lipstick collection below the face products followed by pencils products, mascaras, eyelash curler, concealers, cream blush, and makeup setting spray at the bottom.
On the bottom half, I have more makeup products on the first and second shelf, and perfumes on the third and fourth shelf. At the bottom shelf, I have my body lotions that I use regularly. They are very organised in my opinion and I love looking at them. So pretty to look at!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment down below. Thank you for reading!
  • wow!! *jealous of you even though I don't even wear makeup lol*

  • lah, janganlah jealous 🙂

  • love it! prctical n cute!

  • thank you! 🙂

  • Simple yet nice. I think you did a good job compared to mine cause my beauty products are all over the place 😀

  • i would love to see you organize your beauty stuff! 🙂

  • wahhhh, it is so neat and tidy.

  • thank you! 🙂

  • ahh so nice, neat and tidy 🙂 erin buat lah room tour hehehe

  • alaaaa my room isnt as big as yours 🙁 tengoklah nanti when bilik dah ok erin buat 🙂

  • bilik claudy pun tak besar TT.TT

  • besar T.T mostly rumah kat malaysia manada closet macam claudy punya tu. best kot!

  • wow! tak boleh move on tgk ur stuff. Neat and tidy! hehehe
    btw, i spot D'nars product. I start pakai dnars since degree.. rasa serasi trus setia sampai skrg.. hehe(^^,)

  • sama la. dah 2 tahun pakai d'nars. walaupun effect dia lmbt sikit tp takpelah kan at least kita tahu dia takde letak ingredient merepek repek 🙂