Me Before You — TFIOS 2.0?

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!
I am deeply sorry for not publishing any entries for the past week. If you have been following me on Snapchat and Twitter, my bae just got home from the UK last weekend for summer break so I have been focusing on that and abandoning my dearest blog to spend time with him. I haven’t seen him for 10 months, so cut me some slack ok????? lol.
Anyway, so last night we went to watch Me Before you at IOI City Mall. We booked the 11.20 pm show but we came early at around 10 pm so we had Starbucks while waiting for our show. I have been dying to see this movie in theater since February!
This movie is about Will (Sam Claflin) who had been in a road accident 2 years ago and is paralyzed from chest and below. Louisa (Emilia Clarke) is hired to become his caretaker and basically to cheer him up.
If you’re not into spoilers, please do not read any more. (I MEAN IT!)

I’m just going to straight up and say it.
Yes, he died. In some way, it reminds me of The Fault in Our Stars but Gus didn’t choose to die.
At first, Will is very reserved in showing his emotion to Louisa but she tries and tries to get to Will and he finally lets Louisa in. I’m not gonna go into details about that but you know how it is with this kind of movies, they fall in love eventually but they don’t really focus much on the romance part.
Louisa finds out that she is actually hired to make Will change his mind about having assisted suicide so she tries to make him value life and show him there’s a lot in life that can be done even with his disability. He gives his parents 6 months (which is the time Louisa spends working for him) before going to Switzerland, they have an assisted suicide center there (which where he dies later).
At the end of the movie, Louisa is seen in Paris reading Will’s letter to him giving her instructions on what he wants her to do there such as going to this perfume shop and getting this specific perfume as it suits Louisa’s personality. (I found this to be very cute.) He tells her to live her life and not to think about him as much. He also gives her a bank account enough for her to start a new life somewhere else.
Live boldly, live well, just live. Love, Will.

The last line of his letter for Louisa.
The end.
I enjoy this movie a lot despite the whole controversy about ‘oh this is not how disabled live’ but this is a movie, it is not real, so I don’t get the whole fiasco about it. I may sound insensitive but a movie is a movie. It isn’t a documentary for people with disability which depicts real life situation of them.
I can not stop grinning from the start till the end of this movie. Maybe it’s because of Sam or I’m just happy that my bae is here, but it is a really nice movie. Emilia Clarke portrayed Louisa Clark very well. She is so cheeky and funny! And kudos to Sam Claflin too for his role because it is not easy to play as someone with disability.
I did not cry for the ending because I was holding my pee in so I wasn’t really in the mood but it left me whining to my bae why did he have to die all the way from the cinema to the parking lot. Add a bathroom break in between.
I give it a 4 star. Lacking a star for the sad ending.
Thanks for reading! Have you guys watched this movie too?
  • cantiknya blog done folo, folo me back k 🙂

  • thank you!

  • Omg macam mana you tahan tak jumpa your bae for 10 months?? I sebulan pun dah macam apa haha. Anyway, nice post! I am going to watch the movie this evening but yknow i already read the entire post cuz i just cant help it lel

  • tak tahan but nak buat mcm mana kan. tinggal setahun je lg dia kat sana 🙂
    aaaahhhhh kenapa baca spoilers jugak hahaha

  • Dah tengok! Bagi 4 bintang juga! Paling suka outfit Louisa. Comel sangat! Dan Sam,, walaupun begitu, masih handsome. Hihi

  • comel gila yg tights dia kuning stripe hitam tu! hhahaha tu la sam handsome tapi sayang dia mati

  • Ain skip baca review sebb saturday ni bru nak pegi ! Hahah lambatkan bru nak tgok :')

  • bagus mcm tu ahaha! ala movie tu pun baru keluar last week kan 🙂

  • qila sakit hatiiii laaaa tengok cerita niiiiii
    mcm menyesal tengok ending diaaaa hahahaa i should leave the wayang earlier kihkih.
    seriously pahal perlu mati???? i mean why chose death? why give up T_T
    why not live boldly WITH LOU????? haih.
    tapi the cheesy part and dress up dia memang cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!! suka!!!
    but sadly…….. sigh!

    hihi baru tengok td hiks.

  • Geram gila kan qila kenapa dia taknak live boldly dgn lou!! Patutnya buatlah ending dia jumpa cure ke apa kan

  • I really need to watch THIS movie! ( I did not read the review, I skip it. Haha.)

  • after you've watched the movie baru boleh baca review ok! haha

  • macam best je. nak tengok tapi takda masa nak tengok TT.TT

  • hehe, dlm waiting list utk tgk..hihi..

  • tengok lah, best kot 🙂

  • ala weekend kan ada claudy hehe. best!

  • Review macam best. Hehehe. Tapi fatin kurang minat movie romance. Tak suka la romance story yang ada sad ending. Semua orang nak happy ending. T_T

  • tahu takpe!

  • Sob..sob…sobs.. sad ending ke?
    Kalau tengok mesti tak puashati kenapa ending macam tu.

  • yes sad ending :/

  • i honestly thought he had changed his mind……. nope.. he still wanted to die </3