Erin Talks: The Conjuring 2, and Random Stuff

(was going to put The Conjuring 2 movie poster here, already searched it on Google image but then I saw VALAK. How about Valak, no I taknak?)

I haven’t sat down and write an update on my blog for a really long time. My posts are either pre-scheduled or only down to specific contents. I have a lot of posts in draft but I just haven’t got the time to edit them. But hey, you need a certain mood to write, am I right?
Anyway, last Wednesday was our movie date for this week. We watched The Conjuring 2 at IOI City Mall and before the show we got our weekly dose of overpriced coffee and this week we went to dal.komm Coffee just in front of Starbucks. It’s a bit pricier than Starbucks and the coffee cup is much smaller so I don’t know how I feel about that although the coffee was quite good. I got a caramel macchiato and he got.. well I forgot. Psh. He always tries my drink and I rarely try his.
Our movie was supposed to start at 10 pm but that night they mixed up the tape I guess and they played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. There was a bit of ruckus happening but at 10.35 pm, they played the correct movie and all is good, the ruckus died down. We got the twin seat in Maxx Atmos and supposedly the sound system is better than the normal cinema. To be honest, I didn’t really care about the sound system because all I care was how I wanted to get out of the cinema just 5 minutes into the movie because it is scary as heck.
I thought I had the guts. My bae didn’t like horror movies but he had more guts than I do. Let’s just say I used his arm as my shield. No kidding. I hate the jump scare. And I hate Valak. One thing that I would like to complain about the movie is they never really explain what Valak is and why is he/she dressed like a nun. That’s the only downside I have about the film. I rate it 8/10.
I finally tried the Samyang Ramen you guys! I know I’m 2000 and late but it has gotten so famous that I felt eager to tried it myself. Pedas sangat ke ramen tu, oh please.. Guess what? It is spicy to me. It was so spicy I crawled my way to the fridge to take an ice and literally rub it all over my lips and tongue. I love the taste, it is delicious, I just hope that they would tone down the spiciness just a bit. Not much, just a bit.
What have you guys been watching on TV these days? I spent my week catching up on Arrow, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars. I also started watching Containment and Orange is The New Black. I have mixed feelings about OITNB because the whole premise is not my cup of tea but somehow I kinda enjoyed watching it because it is hilarious! Although I would appreciate less lesbian sex though.. Check out my TVShowTime profile to see all of the tv shows I’m following.
As far as music goes, I am enjoying this boyband playlist on Spotify. I love all the bands, I love all the songs. I play them everytime I’m on Spotify these days. 90’s boybands are the shit, man. Even One Direction and Coldplay can’t beat them. Tell me what’s better than Backstreet Boys’ As Long As You Love Me and Westlife’s My Love? Tell me.
The most depressing news this week goes to…
Jeng jeng jeng…
I used to think that I can’t live without my MacBook. But after I accidentally broke my glasses into two a few days ago, I take that statement back. Without my glasses, I am nothing. Without my glasses, I couldn’t enjoy being on computer. Without my glasses, I get headache and nausea all the time. I am living off of contact lens and I can assure you contact lens are only nice to be worn not at home. I need my glasses back, man. I can’t do life without my glasses.
Now playing: NSYNC – Falling
  • Lets buy a raya glasses, nnti tak syok raya takleh cuci mata sebab tak nmpk. Haha westlife the best ever boyband! Yeah igtkan ain sorg yg corius kenapa valak pakai mcmtu huhu. Alaaa bestnya dah try samyang,

  • ikr, the samyang ramen is quite delicious but the spiciness though XD lulz

  • 90s boy band rock! Haha my glasses are my life too, we never know how important it is untill they are broken, wish you get your glasses back dear

  • Zhi

    Samyang Ramen is so spicy. I've never taste something so spicy like that. And i think the chicken flavour hilang because of the spiciness. Sigh~ Why on earth ada makanan pedas macam tu? haha..

    Take care.. =)

  • they are awesome! thank you atheera 🙂

  • yeah i just hope dorang boleh kurangkan spicy dia haha

  • maybe valak tu hantu kat church kot. geram kenapa dorang tak explain. yes samyang sedap 🙂

  • kan? tak rasa langsung chicken dia. patutnya dia kurangkan sikit pedas tu.

  • Anonymous

    Erin u tgk tv shows stream online or download? if download where u basically download it or guna torrent je?

  • dulu guna torrent but sekarang stream dekat

  • aahhhhh I need to watch that movie and try the samyang ramen. cari kat sini tak jumpa. TT.TT and yes! 90's boy bands are the best!

  • tu la, dekat sini pun susah nak dapat samyang ramen tu

  • 90's boy bands are the best, no groups could beat them! menyampah tengok valak hahaha :'D

  • kan? seram gila valak tu

  • You should watch Scream Queens and Empire lol guilty pleasure

  • I have watched Scream Queens, now waiting for season two! I have yet to watch Empire but i know it's good. maybe one day tho 🙂

  • The Conjuring 2 tak seram sangatlah. hehehehehe. dan ramen tu saya suka sebab pedas~~

  • seram sebab tgk kt wayang kot pastu byk terkejut. haah ramen tu sedap!

  • Just watched The Conjuring 2 too. Man, it was scary! But I still prefer the first movie hahah

  • I can relate to the "without my glasses…" part. Heheh

  • kan? boleh gila takde glasses!

  • haha i forgot the first movie already. need to rewatch and compare!