Bookshelf Tour 2016

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!
Ramadhan is coming in a few days and it is a must for every household to clean their houses because during Ramadhan, we have no time and energy to do the cleaning. Today was our cleaning day. My bookshelf has always been situated in the hallway between kitchen and living room but my mom said that it’s getting kind of messy in the kitchen and we should bring the bookshelf upstairs so we can have a reading corner in the family hall.
I thought it would be perfect to do a bookshelf tour since I haven’t done any on this blog. The books I’m going to show you are my English novels. For the record, I wrapped them with a clear plastic wrapper, I put my name, phone number, and the date I bought the book on each and every single of my book just in case someone borrows my book so I have my phone number there please return them to me okay they’re my babies. But naaah. I rarely lend my books to anyone. I take care of my books like a baby. No dog-eared pages. Their corners are still sharp as a knife.
Set 1

I have A Song of Ice & Fire (Game of Thrones) series, If I Stay/Where She Went duo, John Green box set, two fixi novels, I Heart series, Little Black Dress books, and and a bunch of other stand alone books.
Set 2

Mostly young adult/dystopian series. I have Twilight Saga series, other vampire series (I forgot), Delirium series, Harry Potter series, The Vampire Diaries series, Infernal Devices series, The Arcana Chronicles series, Mortal Instruments series.
Set 3

Mostly romance/stand-alone books. I have Gossip Girl series, Shopaholic series, Pretty Little Liars series, and a bunch of Sophie Kinsella’s books and Rachel Gibson’s. These two authors are awesome! 
Set 4

Left side is hardcover books and on the right is young adult/dystopian series. I have The Maze Runner series, Fallen series, Hush, Hush series, The Caster Chronicles series, and Divergent series.
The pictures below show how I store them in the bookshelf. I don’t really have a proper organization for my books but I do separate them into two categories: romance and young adult/dystopian. I also separate hardcovers from paperback, and box sets into their own compartment.
And this is the final look! The top two rows are my books, and the bottom ones are (left) my mom’s (Malay novels that I do read), (middle) my sister’s, and (right) some of my dad’s + cookbooks + pregnancy book + mom’s novels that don’t fit.
I hope you enjoy my bookshelf tour! If you have any questions about any books at all, feel free to leave a comment down below.
  • oh my!! bestnyaa semua buku buku tuh! blink blink mata I tengoknya hehe 😀

  • thank you! memang suka buku dari kecik lagi 🙂

  • Wow ! *Speechless* Banyaknyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • kumpul lama dah tu 🙂

  • wowwwwww a lot of !

  • thank you! lama dah kumpul 🙂

  • Wahhhh besttttt. Saya nampak buku-buku yang dalam wishlist saya. I'm so jealoussss. 😛

  • yekeee? buku apa tuu

  • seronoknyaaa tengok bookshelf awak. bila semua tersusun nak baca pun seronok je 🙂

  • betul tu! 🙂

  • anyak nya buku :O claudy pun nak ada bookshelf kat bilik tapi takde tempat dah xD btw that Mortal Instruments series tho. huhuhu

  • yang mortal instruments tu takde the 6th book je!!! 🙂

  • Hello! I just finished up this cover and I hope you will enjoy it. I'm trying my best to sing this from the bottom of my heart. Aicececeh XD if you get a chance, lemme know what you think. Thank you so much for spend your time to listen it ^^ Have a wonderful day!

    Can i steal your bookshelf >.< So many books lah

  • thank you! 🙂

  • wow! banyaknya buku!!!! kite banyak gak simpan buku cuma banyak koleksi fixi dengan buku travel je. heheh. btw i love your bookshelf sis!

  • thank you! 🙂

  • OMG! My mom intends to sell all my novels. It's really sad. Huhuhu. I think you should open library cafe or kedai buku sewa.

  • why would your mom do that??? omg. but sayang nak bagi orang pinjam haha