I Can Help You Buy Template!

etsy template purchase service

I am offering a domain and template installation service for you guys for a really cheap price. I’m all about having a domain name to make your blog looks professional and awesome and to top it off with a great responsive template from Etsy? Heck yes! I will explain the details below!


There are many cute templates on Etsy but I know some of you don’t know how to buy it because you have to make a paypal account and all that jazz and before you can use your bank account on paypal, you have to call your bank to grant the access for online transaction, it can be really annoying. So I’m providing you with 3 services for template installation:


Price includes:

i. Template — depending on the price of template
ii. Service charge — RM5

How to:

1. go to Etsy.com (or any other template website) and find the template you want
2. pay me the price of template + service charge with proof of payment
3. I will buy it for you using my paypal and email them to you or I can buy directly using your Etsy account
4. I will not be using your template on my blog. I am very honest
5. I am not installing the template for you, you have to do it yourself.


Price includes:

i. Service charge — RM25

How to:

1. email me the template you wanna use on your blog including blog password and email
2. I will install them for you according to the instruction provided in the template
3. to change font to Google fonts and any other services, that’s a different price you have to pay


Price includes:

i. Template ( depending on the price of template)
ii. Service charge — RM25

How to:

1. find the template you want
2. pay me the price of template + service charge with proof of payment
3. email me your blog password and email
4. I will install the template for you and your template files will be emailed

Payment method:

i. Paypal

Contact me:

i. email — hello@erinazmir.com
ii. Contact page


i. No payment by prepaid topup
ii. If there is a problem in purchasing your template/domain, I will transfer your money back to your account, don’t worry
iii. I am not responsible for any dissatisfaction towards the template you purchased. I buy it for you, I install it for you. That’s it.
iv. Please inform me before transferring money to my account. Once I’ve cleared every detail, I will give you my account number.

Thank you!

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  • im interested in the domain installation service, will text you later. thanks dear

  • Sure! 🙂

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  • Hi. may I ask where do you edit your photos that has words on it? Mind sharing? or the name of the app that you are using. i dont know whether I already did asking you or some random people on other blogs cause i'm confuse :((((

  • you did ask me that on my other post haha. i use photoshop cs6 🙂