I am back with my favourites for the month of April! April flew by so fast and we’re in the month of May, guys. Has it been a month already? I thought I just turned 21 yesterday (March 29th). All in all, I am glad that time flies because I am always looking forward to my future.  It’s crazy, isn’t it? How oblivious we are of our future. Like we don’t know what’s gonna happen next, it’s all very mysterious. But let’s be serious now. Will I be able to afford an Hermes Birkin bag in the future..

But anyway, enough ramblings about our mysterious future and an overpriced bag! Let’s get on to the favourites.

  • Shine Fish Oil + Natural Vitamin E. I have never taken any dietary supplements my whole entire life. But one day I saw two bottles of pills in the fridge (I am always finding things in the fridge) and they were fish oil softgel tablets. Having newly turned 21 a few days ago (it happened during early April), I figured it was time for me to really care about my body and at the very least do something for my health so I have been taking this tablets religiously everyday since I found it. To be honest I haven’t seen any immediate effects on my body but it has natural vitamin E which helps with your skin and curing scars so that’s a bonus for me.
  • Guardian Xpertise Therapy Oil. Another thing I have been using religiously for the sake of skin. I wanted to buy Bio Oil or a vitamin E oil from this one brand I forgot the name of but they were hella expensive. I might as well buy makeup with that money. Surely I can see immediate effect on my skin, no? So I settled with Guardian own brand oil. I love this thing. It smells like J&J baby oil. It helps treat scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and dry skin. You can also use the oil on your face but I didn’t really like the feel of it. I like this better than body lotion, though.
  • New template. I lovelovelove my new template, if I haven’t said that for the 9999th time already. I got it on Etsy, it was on sale, and it’s beautiful!
  • TVShow Time app. I don’t know about you but I’m obsessed with tv shows I watch tons and tons of tv shows and keeping track with new episodes can be really confusing for me. With this app, I can manage my tv shows and keep track of their new episodes.
  • Bloglovin. I’m obsessed with following blogs on Bloglovin! To me I just found it a lot easier to follow blogs on Bloglovin because I can follow WordPress blogs there too. It’s also easier to find similar lifestyle blogs there. Click the link if you want to follow me on Bloglovin.
  • Petty Revenge Stories. Short stories of karma finding its way to people who deserve it.
  • Sixpencee. Just some creepy, mind-boggling stories from reddit reposted on Tumblr. Please don’t read them before bed. Please.

Music favourites

  • Yuna – Crush ft. Usher
  • Zara Larsson – Never Forget You ft. MNEK
  • Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D
  • Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman
  • Troye Sivan – HEAVEN
  • Little Mix – Secret Love Song ft. Jason Derulo
  • Chicago – I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love
I’m pretty sure I forgot one or two favourites despite having them written down in my bullet journal since the start of April. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my April favourites and please go and check out Pretty Revenge Stories and Sixpencee. Just some light reading you can do before bed. x