ZALORA Panelling Medium Tote Bag

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!
In case you’re not following my blog, I did a collaboration with Zalora and in return I got a MYR100 cash voucher to spent at their website. I spent legit an hour Friday last week on their website looking for bags. I am really picky and indecisive and there are a lot of cute bags at Zalora. I ended up with their own brand bag, the Panelling Medium Tote Bag. I love structured and spacious bag because I can put a lot of stuff in it. Sometimes I carry junk. I got it in grey but I think it’s currently out of stock so the only available colours right now are black and white.
The package came in today while I was having lunch with kuah asam pedas all over my fingers. Yep. I need to pay extra 5 ringgit because the price of this bag is a little over my MYR100 voucher. Their delivery is exquisite. If you ordered today, you can get your package in just 1, 2 business days. I love it! I hate waiting for a long time for my package to come. iHerb, I’m talking about you.
I haven’t even showed you the bag but I’m already showing you the inside. Oh, Erin. The inside looks like the picture above (obviously!), you have two pockets, 1 of them is zipped. The material inside the bag, however, is not cloth. It’s 100% polyurethane, whatever that is. You know talking about chemistry thing made me think of my cita-cita tak kesampaian, which is a pharmacist. In parallel universe, I hope I am one. (You can see my toes there) (please don’t enlarge the photo and zoom)
First impression:
THIS BAG. IS. GORGEOUS. It looks exactly like how it looks like on the website. The bag itself is very light and sturdy. The shape of it reminds me of Celine Phantom bag which the majority of us could not afford. *coughrichusbandcough* in case you’re wondering about the harry on my sister’s shirt, she’s wearing lol ur not harry styles t shirt. Yes. I did beg her for that shirt. She wouldn’t give it to me knowing perfectly well that I’m Harry’s wife. Duh, come on!
It also came with a long strap if you prefer that. I would use the top handle when I’m feeling fancy during the first 15 minutes of going out and the second it hit 16th minute, long strap! I have no complaints about this bag although I would suggest you to not put heavy stuff in it just to be safe because it’s not leather and it might rip or something. Better be safe than sorry, right?