The Power of Makeup

power of makeup

I attended a wedding today with my family and of course your home girl had makeup on. After I got home, I wanted to remove my makeup and I thought it would be fun to only remove makeup on one side of my face and leave the other side with makeup on.

I had makeup on for 6 hours and some of the makeup were already gone I had to touch up my lipstick so you can see the differences between both sides.

A few things that I can see from this picture:

  • Why am I pink?

Apart from that, I look exactly the same although I do look pale without lipstick on. It’s one of those problems you have if you have fair skin and less pigmentation on your lips like I do. And my eyebrows are original okay! One of the perks of having thick and dark eyebrows — you don’t have to draw your eyebrows, just fill them in to make them look fuller.

What I am trying to show you is that no matter how much makeup you put on your face, you are still you. I am still me. I believe that makeup gives us confidence, gives us the opportunity to enhance our features, and makeup is fun. Makeup is art.

I wear makeup to hide my acne scars but that doesn’t mean that I am ashamed of it. I am not. I can go to class one day with full-face makeup on, and I can not wear anything on my face the next day.

I wear makeup to make myself look good and to give me extra confidence but when I don’t wear any, that means I just don’t want to wear makeup that day and I don’t care what anyone says because I am completely and 100% comfortable with myself.

You do you. Wear makeup if you want to and don’t wear makeup if you don’t feel like it. It is fine.

What’s making it wrong is judging people who do wear makeup just because you don’t. Like I said, you do you. Let them do them.

Some people might not be confident enough to go out without makeup for various reasons and just because you don’t wear makeup, you don’t have the right to condemn them.

Maybe you’re blessed with clear skin and they don’t, we don’t know. What’s important is to be confident and feel confident no matter what.

Past experiences have taught me to be a strong and confident woman and I love seeing everyone around me being strong and confident as well.

It makes me feel good about myself and it taught me to love myself more than I already do. Self-love is more important than anything else. Remember that always, okay?