Blogging Space


 Assalamualaikum and hi! I am back again with a new post to show you my blogging space at home and a few essentials that I need before I start blogging. November 2016 will mark my eighth year of being a blogger. Has it been THAT long?!

The table I’m currently ‘residing’ is a 4 chair round table from Red Apple. The table is located in my living room near my the hallway to my kitchen. I don’t know how to describe where it’s situated but I hope you get the idea.blogging space

What I have on the table:

  • Laptop and mouse. Of course, you gotta have a laptop to blog. It’s the MacBook Pro that I got 3 and a half years ago from my dad. It was in my wishlist and I’m so thankful to have it. I really recommend the laptop for those of you who are into blogging because typing on this is heavenly and everything seems easier with this laptop.
  • Bullet journal. I’m using an A5 notebook from UNICORN. It’s a dotted notebook where you make lists of things you need to do or buy. You can make any lists, really. It’s not restricted to just to-buy list or to-do list. For more in-depth about bullet journal, click here. I also use this journal for my blogging ideas.
  • A Game of Thrones novel. I am currently reading the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. In case you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones tv show. The novel is very thick! I am on page 156/780.
  • Stationeries. Of course, you gotta have stationeries for your journal. I am into journaling so having a lot of stationeries that range from colourful gel pens to highlighters are absolute necessary. The jar that holds my pens is originally a candy jar.
That’s it for this post! What’s your blogging essentials? x
  • syoknya mac pro

  • dah lama mintak but dapat juga aha x

  • Wish to have macbook pro too! Hee. Susah eh nak dapat.. Lucky you have one =)

    Siqah update blog guna phone je. Ada pc je kat rumah tapi tak suka bukak sebab dalam bilik. Boring.. Hee.

  • cari laptop la siqah! kalau siqah ada budget kan, i really recommend macbook pro. biasalah perempuan, beli gadget pun sebab cantik hahahaha

  • wah … rasanye tak mampu je beli macbook pro, but yang lebih cheap lah … macbook air maybe *lol*

  • air pun ok je, lebih kurang je harga 🙂

  • my essentials :
    1) laptop – bila rajin nak update blog pakai laptop .
    2) handphone – bila update blog malas nak buka laptop . laptop nadia mac book air ( tapi sampai skrang tak btul kan lagi ) . so, bila update blog pakai laptop samsung arwah ayah je … hihihi

    3) camera
    4) external hard disks

    hihihi =)

  • haaa external hard disk pun penting jugak! haritu erin backup everything dlm laptop to hard disk sebab rasa laptop cam slow je. so sekarang laptop erin kosong hahaha.
    tak elok lg laptop nadia?